Maulid Nabi 2012

When we read the sentence above, it has been implied in our hearts that this sentence will directly create allergies for some groups of Muslims, I will summarize the explanation is' Aqlan syar'an wa, (logic and Islamic Law).

Human nature tends to celebrate something that makes them happy, whether success, victory, wealth or other, they celebrate with a party, drunken carousing, dancing together, puppets, lenong or other forms of impingement excitement, so customs around the world. Up here I explain first how the excitement over the birth of the Prophet.

God celebrates the birthday of His Prophets

Word of God: "(Jesus said of the mother's abdomen) Peace be upon me, on the day of birth, and the day I died, and today I was raised" (Sura Maryam 33)
Word of God: "Greetings from our Prosperous (to Yahya as) on the day of birth and death day and the day he was raised" (Sura Maryam 15)
The Prophet was born with the condition already circumcised (ala Almustadrak shahihain hadith no.4177)
Uthman ibn Abil said Ash Asstaqafiy from his mother who became assistant Aminah bunda ra the Prophet, when the Mother of the Holy Prophet began during childbirth, she (the mother Uthman) to see the star closer to the star he was afraid of falling over his head, then he saw a bright light out of the Mother of the Holy Prophet to make a very bright room and the house (Fathul Bari Almasyhur juz 6 p. 583)
When the Prophet was born, he immediately forward of the earth prostrate (Sirah Ibn Hisham)
History saheeh by Ibn Hibban and Judge that the mother in childbirth Prophet Prophet saw a bright light to gaze through and see the Palace of the Roman Palace (Fathul Bari Almasyhur juz 6 p. 583)
Night was falling birth of the Prophet's throne Emperor Khusraw, and also 14 fruit crumble big window in the Palace of Khusraw, and extinction of fire in the Persian Empire 1000 years was never extinguished. (Fathul Bari Almasyhur juz 6 p. 583)

Why are the events raised by God Almighty?, The incidence of these events appears indicating the birth of the Prophet, and Allah has celebrated the birth of the Prophet Muhammad in this Nature, as He Almighty has also made best wishes on the birth of previous prophets.

Glorify the Prophet's birthday, he saw

When he saw was asked about fasting on Monday, he PBUH replied: "That is the day of my birth, and today I was raised" (Sahih Muslim Hadith no.1162).

From this hadith some of our brethren say should celebrate the Prophet's birthday by fasting origin. Prophet is clearly evident given the understanding that the Monday before he saw it differently than any other day, and Monday is the day that saw his birth. Because he saw no such answer: "oh Monday fasting is glorious and should be okay ..", but he said: "It is my birth day," showed him one day of birth for him one day there is the added value of other days.

Examples of such easy zeyd amir asked: "how about we go Umrah on January 1?", Then the amir replied: "oh it's my birthday". Well .. not clearly evident that zeyd understand that 1 January is a different day from the day the other day for amir?, and the emirs made it clear that the first of January it was the day of his birth, and mean amir including people's attention on the day of his birth, if amir indifferent the day of his birth then surely he need not mention anything about that 1 January is the day of his birth, and the Holy Prophet was ordered fasting on Monday to celebrate his birth, the question is different friend of intent with the answers he saw a wider than just the question, as the example above, Amir not mmerintahkan pilgrimage on January 1, because it is the day of his birth, then those who argue that only allowed to celebrate their birthday with fasting only, the course of the superficial understanding of the science of language.

The man was asked about fasting on Monday, may mean or not?, The Apostle of Allah said: it was the day of my birth, showed him one day of birth there is the added value he saw in person, as well as Day of the permissibility of fasting. So it is clear that the Prophet, including the attention on him one day of birth, because it is the beginning of the history of the rise of Islam.

Friends of glorifying the birthday of the Prophet.
Ibn Abbas said Abdulmuttalib ra: "Let me commend you, O Messenger of Allah .." then the Prophet said: "please .., then God will make your lips awake", then Abbas praised the long poems, such as: "... and thou (O Prophet peace be upon him) on the day of your birth then terbitlah earth to bright light, and sky glow by your light, and we are now in the shade of light and glory in the guidance (the Qur'an) we continue in depth "(Mustadrak 'ala shahihain hadith no.5417 )

God's mercy for infidels who excited over the birth of the Prophet.
Ibn Abbas narrated that Abu Lahab Abdulmuttalib saw in his dream, and Abbas asked him: "how are you?", Abu Lahab replied: "in hell, just lightened siksaku every Monday because I'm freeing my slaves gembiraku Tsuwaibah since the birth of the Apostle of Allah" (Sahih Bukhari hadith no.4813, Sunan Imam Bayhaqi Alkubra hadeeth no.13701, syi'bul faith no.281, Fathul Baari Almasyhur juz 11 p. 431).

Although this most evil infidels slaughtered in nature Barzakh, but God certainly has the right to add or reduce siksanya according to the will of God Almighty, God decrease it every Monday because it has been excited by the birth of the Prophet by freeing his slaves. Although dreams can not be used as proof to solve the sharia law, but the dream can be a proof as manakib, history and others, such as pagans dream of the resurrection of the Prophet of Allah, then surely it is used as proof of the resurrection of the Holy Prophet Imam Imam who narrated above it would be a proof for us that it was true, as recognized by their priests and priests could not deny it.

Prophet allows Poetry praise on Mosque.
Hassan ibn Thabit Allah be pleased to read poetry in the mosque Nabawiy ago reprimanded by `Umar, and Hassan said:" I've read the poem nasyidah here before someone more noble than thou, O 'Umar (ie the Prophet), then turned to Hassan Abu Hurairah ra and said: "the Prophet did not you hear syairku answer to prayer: O God help him with ruhulqudus?, then Abu Hurairah ra said:" true "(Sahih Bukhari hadith no.3040, Sahih Muslim hadith no.2485)

This shows that the reading of poetry in the mosque not all illegitimate, as some of the saheeh ahaadeeth that describe ban poetry in the mosque, but it is clear that the forbidden is poetry poetry that led to the ghaflah, the worldliness, but the lyric poem praising Allah and His Messenger then it allowed by the Apostle of Allah even praised and prayed he saw history as above, and many other history as it was explained that the Prophet established a special dais to Hassan bin Thabit in the mosque so that he stood up to sing his verse poem (ala Mustadrak shahihain hadith no.6058, Sunan Attirmidzi hadith no.2846) by A'ishah that when there are some friends who denounced Hassan ibn Thabit ra A'ishah then said: "Do you verbal hassan, indeed he was always proud of the Messenger of Allah" (Musnad of Abu Ya'la Juz 8 p. 337 ).
1. Said Imam Al Hafidh Ibn Hajar al Asqalaniy rahimahullah:

It has been clear and strong history that reached me from shahihain that the Prophet came to Medina and met with Jewish fasting day of Ashura (10 Muharram), the Prophet asked, they said: "Today ditenggelamkannya day Allah saved Moses and Pharaoh, then we fasted as a sign of gratitude to Allah, the Prophet said: "We have more right to Musa than you", then the deed from her Taking grateful for the gift given on a certain day each year, and thanks to God can be obtained with various ways, such as thanksgiving prostrations, fasting, sadaqah, read the Quran, let alone exceed it favors the rise of the prophet this?, has said,


Imran 164)

2. The opinion of Imam Jalaluddin Al Hafidh Assuyuthi rahimahullah:

It is clear to me that there has emerged a history Bayhaqi that the Prophet was akikah for himself after he saw the Prophet (Hadith no.1832 Ahaditsulmukhtarah with saheeh sanad Imam Bayhaqi and Sunan Alkubra hal.300 Juz 9), and has narrated that her grandfather has passed Akikah Abdulmuttalib when he saw the age of 7 years, and akikah not be done two times, it is clear that he saw the second akikah on him is a sign of his gratitude to Allah Almighty Allah who raised him one as Rahmatan lil'aalamiin and bring Sharia to his community , then the better for us also to show him one tasyakkuran with Birthday with friends and relatives gather your friends, entertain with food and other similar foods to draw closer to God and happiness. Imam Assuyuthiy even composed a special book about the birthday celebrations with the name: "Husnulmaqshad FII 'amalilmaulid".

3. The opinion of Imam Abu Al Hafidh Syaamah rahimahullah (imam Nawawi Teacher):

Bid'ah is hasanah dizaman noble deeds that we are done each year on the birthday of the Prophet with a lot of charity, and delight, entertain the fuqara, while making it glorifies the apostle of Allah and evoke feelings of love with him one, and thank God with the birth of the Prophet.

4. Opinions Imamul Qurra 'Alhafidh Shamsuddin Aljazriy rahimahullah in

his book 'Urif bitta'rif Maulidissyariif:

It has been narrated by Abu Lahab is shown in a dream and what were you doing?, He replied: "in hell, but I got a break every Monday night, it's all because I freed my slaves Tsuwaibah for joy over the birth of the Prophet (peace be upon him) and because Tsuwaibah feed (s) "(Sahih Bukhari). then if Abu Lahab told Gentile that Koran down in hell get waivers because he was delighted with the birth of the Prophet, then how about the Muslim ummah Muhammad is excited for the birth of the Prophet?, then for the sake of my age, it's a reply from the Beneficent God really indeed he will put his pleasure heaven with Him for grace.

5. The opinion of Imam Shamsuddin bin Al Hafidh Nashiruddin Addimasyqiy in

his book Mauridusshaadiy FII maulidil Haadiy:

Similar to the greeting Imamul Qurra 'Alhafidh Aljuzri Shamsuddin, quoting the hadeeth of Abu Lahab

6. Imam Al Hafidh Assakhawiy opinion in the book of Sirah Al Halabiyah

Says "not implemented by the Salaf birthday until the third century, but carried out afterwards, and still carry those Muslims in all corners of the world and charity in the evening with a variety of charity and pay attention to the reading of birthday, and abundant blessings on them very large".

7. Imam Ibn Abidin Al Hafidh rahimahullah

In syarahnya birthday ibn Black said: "Know one hasanah innovation is the implementation of the birthday in the month of birth of the prophet peace be upon him"

8. Imam Ibn Al Hafidh Jauzi rahimahullah

With maulidnya famous essay "al aruus" he also said about reading birthday, "Truly bring salvation that year, and achieved good tidings to all intents and desires for anyone who read it and celebrate it".

9. Al Imam Al Hafidh Qasthalaniy rahimahullah

In his book Al Mawahibulladunniyyah juz 1 thing 148 prints al maktab al islami said: "May the God of his mercy will derive kpd person who made the birthday of the Prophet as the big day".

10. Al Imam Al Hafidh Muhaddis Abulkhattab Umar ibn Ali ibn Muhammad

famous Ibn Dihyah alkalbi

With maulidnya essay called "Bashir's birthday fi Attanwir nadzir"

11. Al Imam Al Hafidh Muhaddits Shamsuddin Muhammad ibn Abdullah Aljuzri

With maulidnya "urfu at ta'rif bi birthday assyarif"

12. Imam Ibn Kathir al Hafidh

The essay book maulidnya known as: "Ibn Kathir's birthday"

13. Al Imam Al Hafidh 'Iraqy

With maulidnya "maurid al hana's birthday fi assana"

14. Imam Al Hafidh Nasruddin Addimasyqiy

Has authored several birthday: Jaami 'Astar al-Mukhtar fi al maulid prophet 3 vols, Al lafad arra'iq fi khair al khalaiq birthday, birthday fi Maurud asshadi hadi al.

15. Imam assyakhawiy

With maulidnya al Fajr al ulwi's birthday fi nabawi

16. Al-Allamah al faqih Ali Zainal Abidin As syamhudi

With maulidnya al mawarid al haniah fi maulid Khairil bariyyah

17. Imam Al Hafidz Wajihuddin Abdurrahman ibn Ali ibn Muhammad As syaibaniy

paid on the famous ibn '

With maulidnya addiba'i

18. Imam Ibn Hajar al haitsami

With maulidnya itmam anni'mah natural alal bi syayidi waladu birthday adam

19. Imam Ibrahim Baajuri

Making up for birthday ibn hasiah beat with the name tuhfa birthday ibn al Basyar style

kick ass

20. Al-Allamah Ali Al Qari '

With maulidnya maurud arrowi fi maulid nabawi

21. Al-Allamah al-Hasan ibn Ja'far Al Muhaddits litany

With the famous birthday litany maulidnya

23. Al-Imam Muhammad ibn al Muhaddis Jakfar al Kattani

With Al Yemen wal birthday birthday is'ad bi khair al ibad

24. Al-Allamah Sheikh Yusuf bin Ismail An Nabhaniy

With an nadmu maulid Jawahir al badi 'birthday as syafi fi'

25. Imam Ibrahim Assyaibaniy

With birthday birthday Mustofa al adnaani

26. Imam Abdulghaniy Annanablisiy

With Al-Alam Al-Ahmadi birthday birthday fi Muhammadi "

27. Syihabuddin Al Halwani

With maulid fi Sharh fath al Latif birthday assyarif

28. Imam Ahmad ibn Muhammad Addimyati

With the birthday of Al Azhar al Kaukab alal 'iqdu embryo fi al azhar al maulid pulse

29. Ali Asyeikh Attanthowiy

With maulid nur as shofa 'fi al Mustofa birthday

30. As sheikh Muhammad al Maghribi

With birthday at tajaliat al khifiah fi al bariah Khoir birthday. Neither the Muhadditsin and the Imams who oppose and prohibit this, about some statements on opposing Imam and Muhadditsin birthday as presented by the anti birthday, then they were just cutting and cutting of the Priest's words, by cunning craftiness which is clearly evident mimic missionaries in destroying Islam.

Stand when praying qiyaam Mahal in the reading of Mawlid.
Regarding the stand during this birthday, is a welcome arrival Qiyas of Prophet of Islam and Sharia, and show enthusiasm for the arrival of the carrier treatise on our lives, it is common only, as recommended by the respect which the Prophet was standing, as was narrated when Sa'ad Mu'adh bin ra comes the Apostle of Allah said to the Ansar: "Stand up for your master" (Sahih Bukhari hadith no.2878, Sahih Muslim Hadith no.1768), as well as the establishment of Talha ra to Ka'b bin Malik.

It's about respect for this stand there is deviation scholars, as is explained that Alkhattabiy Imam said that the establishment subordinate to his master, is also the founding disciples for the coming of his master, and stood up for the arrival of Imam fair and the like is a good thing, and said Imam Bukhari that the are prohibited from standing to sitting leader, and Imam Nawawi who argue if the award stands for what taka, as the Holy Prophet stood up for the arrival of his daughter Fatima ra when she came, but another opinion prohibiting unisex stand for honor. (Refer Fathul Baari Almasyhur Juz 11 and Imam Nawawi ala Sharh Saheeh Muslim juz 12 p. 93)

But of all the opinion that, while certainly expensive stand praying qiyaam in reading the birthday did not have anything do with all the disputes that, because the Prophet did not Dhohir birthday in reading it, apart from the presumption spirits present during the reading of the Prophet's birthday, it's not the discussion we , such problems are problems that can not be unseen disyarahkan with Dhohir law, all words above are differences of opinion regarding the standing tribute to the Prophet never forbade friend he could not stand to glorify Allah.

Much different when we are standing tribute given him one service, not bound by his present or not, that we stand is a form of spirit we welcome treatise on the Holy Prophet, and our respect to the arrival of Islam, and our desire to the prophet peace be upon him, as we greet the The Prophet had each of us pray we never see him one.

It is reported that Imam Al Hafidh Taqiyuddin Assubkiy rahimahullah, a high priest and leading dizamannya that he gathered together the great Imam and Imam Muhaddits dizamannya in the assembly which was read to him praise praise to the prophet of Allah, and among the lyric poem that they too, standing up, including the Imam Assubkiy and all priests priests were present with him, and found the coolness that is noble and it is enough that their actions as role models, and said Imam Ibn Hajar Alhaitsamiy Bid'ah hasanah rahimahullah that has become the consensus of the priests that it is a sunnah, (based on authentic Muslim hadith no. terncantum in Chapter 1017 of Bid'ah) is rewarded when it's done and not get left behind when the sin, and held a birthday it was one of Bid'ah hasanah, And also Imam Assakhawiy rahimahullah said that from the third century AH start this celebrated with much alms and this great celebration throughout the world and bring blessings to those who enable it. (Sirah Al Halabiyah Juz 1 p. 137)

In essence, this birthday celebration aims to Medan Tabliq Muslims gather and stay in touch as well as listening to Islamic lectures are interspersed bershalawat and greet the Messenger of Allah, and praise praise to Allah and the Messenger of Allah that has been allowed by the Apostle of Allah, and to restore their love of the Prophet , then all this mean the goal is the resurrection treatise on the ummah is in ghaflah, then the priest and any fuqaha no one will deny it because it is clearly evident is one way

awaken the faith of Muslims, do not deserve this sort of thing denied by every Muslims aqlan wa syar'an (logically and sharia law), as this is a mustahab (beloved), as represented sharia rule that "Maa Yatimmul waajib illa bihi fahuwa mandatory ", all of which became the cause of duty with the obligatory.

For instance when we were told that closing the nakedness in the prayer is obligatory, permissible and legal to buy clothes, but a time when we will do our prayers have no clothes happen to cover the nakedness but to buy first, then buy the clothes turned into a compulsory law, as necessary used to perform the obligatory prayers.

Another example, the Sunnah using Siwak, and make it permissible legal pocket, then the time will go we will bring the Siwak and the clothes we do not have a pocket, it is necessary for us to make bags of clothes to put Siwak, then make a bag of clothes in the clothes we become legal Sunnah , because it is necessary to put siwak which is Sunnah.

Then the Holy Prophet's Birthday celebration was held to Medan Tabliq and Da'wa, and preaching is a must on a people when the munkar, and the ummah is not concerned with the Prophet peace be upon him, not too concerned especially love the Prophet and saw him miss the Sunnah, and Tabliq to achieve this is with the celebration of birthday of the Prophet, then it becomes obligatory birthday celebration, because it mediates Tabliq and Propagation and the introduction of the Prophet's history and hospitality.

As the writing of the Qur'an which is the undisputed dizaman Prophet, but it became legal in the Sunnah of the companions started a lot of friends because that requires an explanation of Quran, and became obligatory after a number of the friends who died, because it feared disappearance Alqur ' of the ummah, even though God has made it clear that the Quran has been preserved by God.

This sort of thing to have understood and explained by the khulafa'urrasyidin, radhiyallahu'anhum companions, Imam and Muhadditsin, the scholars, jurists and even Muslims who are lay people, but only a portion of our Muslim brothers who are still determined to oppose it, may God give them breadth of heart and clarity, ameen.


From the book by Habib Munzir Akidahmu Know